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Will Oasis Get an Episode 2 and Full First Season on Amazon?

One of the most popular pilots during the 2017 Pilot Season was Oasis. This is what Amazon tells us about the pilot:

Set in the near future, Oasis tells the story of priest Peter Leigh, who is called to a remote planet where a mysterious multinational company is building the first permanent off-Earth human colony. The planet, Oasis, is humanity’s last chance to escape from Earth’s impending collapse, but it quickly becomes apparent that it may not be as hospitable to humanity as it seems…

After watching the first episode many have chimed in that they  would like for a second episode and an entire first season to air on Amazon Prime Video.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting to hear if the first season was green lit. From the early reception and the very high ratings on IMDB and other review websites it would be shocking if Amazon did not move forward with an entire season of Oasis.

Do you want this Pilot to turn into a series? Comment below and let us know.


  1. If Amazon does not make ‘Oasis’ into a full season, after the high ratings on review sites and IMDB, it would be shocking if I didn’t drop Amazon Prime due to failure of insight!!!!

  2. Missy Falkenstein

    July 18, 2017 at 2:55 am

    I would really like to see a complete season but I don’t think it would make a very good series. Once the current issues of the missing man and strange visions have been resolved, I think it would be odd to try and continue it. Unless there is a flash into the future when the colony has opened and there is a new plot set in that environment, a continuance of the struggle of life on a desert planet seems rather redundant. I would rather Amazon spend its resources on a storyline with a little more potential. Think tomorrow!

    • But then you could have it develop like a frontier town, where the inhabitants are past subsistence level and greed becomes the main enemy. That could be interesting with the priest being involved

    • If it follows the book, there’s plenty for a series.

    • Well, the whole plot of TWD is redundant after like the first season ( not saying TWD is a bad show though)but the shows has millions of fans after like 6 seasons, so I think it would work if they started to build the new colony

    • Agreed… it has a good pilot but think the story line would be better resolved as a miniseries. No more than 2 to 3 more 1 hour episodes. I don’t think the plot itself has enough to hold anyone’s attention over an entire season or series of seasons.

  3. Gary J Anderson

    July 21, 2017 at 2:06 am


  4. I’m waiting not so patiently for the continuing episodes of Oasis. When might they be aired? Not fair to leave us hanging!

  5. Yes please make a full season.

  6. This looks very promising and I really want to see a whole season of this. Please do air this soon!

  7. Do it! What are you waiting for?

  8. Please release the whole season.

  9. I don’t understand why this is taking so long. It makes me not want to every watch a potential show again. This is really taking to long! I’ve watched the ratings and everyone loves the show. Me as well but this delay is frustrating and unnecessary. Amazon needs to step up!

  10. Yes pretty please. Still waiting!

  11. YES! Just watched the pilot and man i was hooked. Then i found out.. that’s all there was.. :/

    Amazing show, thus far. Just hope it doesn’t end up in some religious propaganda type show.

  12. Such a intriguing addictive pilot… would make for a great series. Amazon is dragging their feet on this one …maybe it should go to Netflix or HULU… at least they know how to move on a good show!!

  13. Totally agree. Just watched the pilot again. If it turns out to be an empty tease I find little value in Prime.

  14. Hurry, we need the entire story of Oasis!!

  15. Absolutely continue this series. I can’t wait to see what the writers do with it.

  16. I keep checking to see if they have added an episode…what a great start to a show and what an enormous kick in the nads if that’s all they give us

  17. Please make a season one, two and more! I was hooked from episode 1!!

    • Really enjoyed pilot episode. So glad not another foolish comedy. Hope it gets picked up. Story is interesting acting good. What more could we ask for.

  18. Really enjoyed pilot episode. Thankful not another foolish comedy. Good acting entertaining story. Hope for full season and more

  19. Yes, excellent show

  20. Agonyyyyy! What is taking so looooong!?

  21. I’m over watching pilots again if it takes this long to release the series or even give an indication of whether the series will be made. We did our part and gave our input. Amazon needs to theirs.

  22. Yes…first episode was great….need more

  23. Brilliant Pilot episode would make a good series as long as they don’t try and drag it out too long. I like the idea of it being a one season story x

  24. Yes. Continue the story.

  25. Yeah, come on Amazon, why would you release a pilot without already producing more episodes behind it incase it works!? Do you even understand tv!!?? It’s like you guys actually care about money and how well the show is made, or if it’s even worth it to make! Thumbs down on them not having a slight concept on how real tv works. Thumbs up on them taking time to produce a very decent and intriguing pilot that has reeled in millions(?) of viewers who complain about how your lack of care and compassion towards your main goal has worked by making people want more. Thumbs down, again, though for not immediately releasing at least 3 seasons behind the pilot immediately and actually “taking time” to write and film and produce a show worthy of producing. We are in the age of instant gratification Amazon. Get your tribal rain forest shit together and just pump episodes out like they’re twinkies!!! Oh, I like the pilot.

  26. I never watch their pilot season shows, for this very reason.

  27. Oasis is interesting, fun, and deserves to be a full fledge series. I’mean a snob when it comes to what I will take time out of daily life to watch, and this show would make the cut. Praying to see more of it, and soon!

  28. Yes! Loved the pilot. Would love to see a full series!

  29. Yes. Absolutely. Amazon should give Oasis a green light and air the entire season one for it’s customers. We reviewed it, we loved it, we let Amazon know we wanted the show! What is Amazon waiting for?

  30. please please make the season!

  31. I am with SR, 16,000+ gave it 4 stars or above, only like 4% said anything else. What are you waiting for? Announce yay or nay (don’t know why it would be a no with such good reviews). I’ve repeatedly watched the pilots I enjoy not turn into anything since I have signed up and it is frustrating. I’ve been considering leaving Prime, but I’ve been waiting to see if Oasis comes. If it doesn’t, I’m not paying for it anymore and wasting my time on pilots that don’t turn into anything. You have until mid way through next month when my renewal comes up to at least announce whether or not it’s in the works.

  32. I would love to see more.

  33. Yes , would love to see a complete season

  34. Just do it. Amazing episode. Need more.

  35. Would very much like to see more episodes, has left me intrigued!

  36. Best sci-fi piolt for 2017, bring it on!!

  37. Marius Eichhöfer

    September 23, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Yes please make a full season.
    The pilot was fantasic. I would love to see a full season!!!

  38. Would love to see a whole season. Loved the pilot.

  39. Run it already it has a 5 star rating

  40. Guessing since it’s been so long this won’t be happening but think it would have been a cult phenomenon if the series turned out to be as good as the pilot. Plus, Richard Madden was great as Cosimo Medici and would be good in this as well.

  41. Yes… please for the love of Prime just make the whole season! This is Amazon’s chance to rival HBO shows such as West World.

  42. Love it. Come on amazon sort us a series out 🤔

  43. All of us BSG fans have longed for another well made sci-fi series with complex characters and depth. OASIS fits the bill. Come on Amazon, its a no brainer. Make this series!!!

  44. Just watched Oasis and it was amazing. I feel duped watching a show that may only be a pilot. How ridiculous to not renew a great show but leave other originals on that are lacking. Ugh. Guess I only watch shows that I know have an entire season or two to avoid wasting my time getting hooked on a show that may never be.

  45. Another vote for a full season of Oasis.

  46. Come on amazon. its a long time since we had an original sci fi series.
    The pilot was brilliant.
    Watched it four times.
    Now please give us some more!

  47. Another vote for a full season

  48. Yes I seriously want to see this turned into a series. We need more novel and exciting sci fi shows, please come through clutch for us

  49. Yes, this pilot episode was really good. We need to find out what mysteries the planet has in store.
    I am surprised Amazon has not had any response to the great reviews of the show…i.e. saying they will be picking up the 1st season.

  50. What’s wrong with Amazon, why aren’t they responding? At least say “YAY or NAY” so we can move on.

  51. David Hutchinson

    October 7, 2017 at 4:27 am

    I watched episode 1 and really enjoyed the mysterious sci fi setting, and the unique choice of a minister as the main character. I too hope that there is a full season. I disagree with one comment that “once the mystery is resolved, there isn’t much potential in this sci fi setting”. I totally disagree with that pov. Any time there is a conflicted population struggling to survive whether on Earth or another planet there is loads of opportunity for unique story development.

  52. green light it! if you don’t; “THERE’S SOMETHING REALLY WRONG HERE”!! 😡

  53. How long would it take for Amazon to leave a quick response even if it doesn’t directly answer questions…poor customer service!

  54. Please Please Please get your Sh#t together and give Oasis the green light!

  55. If amazon doesn’t make a full season out of this I will cancel amazon prime!!! Mark my words!!!!

  56. Stuart D Dangerfield

    October 10, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Wow, this was great. I watched it some time ago and have been waiting with bated breath for Amazon to pick it up. There has to be room for a sci-fi series in the roster especially one with some gritty reality and thought too it not just flashy spaceships and weird aliens with blasters. Something with a little substance like “The Expanse” would be a breath of fresh air. I thought this pilot was literally dripping with class and potential. I will admit to being somewhat apprehensive with the lack of interaction from Amazon, surely if they were intent on picking up “Oasis” as a full series would they not have announced it already? I don’t understand the point of the whole Amazon originals “pilot” season if they simply intend to ignore the feedback from their viewers? I thought the whole point was to give us long term PRIME subscribers a chance to influence the tv series we are offered by Amazon? No? The feedback I have seen and I have seen a lot searching for a conclusive cancellation announcement and it has been almost invariably positive…………… Come on Amazon show us the will of the people has some value to you. Yee Haa

  57. will cancel my amazon subscription if they don’t air this amazing show after such a great tease.

  58. I love the pilot and hope it becomes a show

  59. Great show, cant wait for more!

  60. when, when, and WHEN is the Amazon going to release it??? people will move onto something else if they don’t release it!!!

  61. I’m really looking forward to the next episode and seasons of this show. Its intriguing and the depth of the story touches you… its not just another scify story being told… its addictive from the get go!

  62. Just watched this pilot and think this is a great premise!! Would love to see at least a season made but think there’s sooo much more to give. Let’s hope it gets the green light soon 👍👍👏👏👏

  63. We need good sci-fi shows and this has the potential! Don’t disappoint fans and drop it like Firefly.

  64. Do this, Amazon. After the dumpster fire of Star Trek: Discovery, we need a good science fiction series. This one could be it. Check you reviews. Sci-fi fans are starving.

  65. Yes yes yes !!!!!!

  66. Yes, please make a season. My wife and I both read the book and greatly enjoyed the pilot.

  67. Yes, this pilot episode was really good. We need to find out what mysteries the planet has in store.

  68. What are you playing at? Get it going already!

  69. GREEN LIGHT!!!!!!!

  70. Not only should this be green lit, but its nice seeing some GoT characters trying new things. That alone probably garners more fans than a run-of-the-mill upstart tv show.

  71. Really original ideas. I want to see the rest!

  72. If it was a movie I would say no to a sequel but it is not it is a series, You cant have a series with one episode.

  73. yes! i’ve been waiting for it to come along. I don’t understand why they won’t fully fund this great, thoughtful show.

  74. YES, please !

  75. Good SciFi is a rare find. Amazon is onto something here. It would be a shame to let an opportunity go to waste,

  76. Please ,…please …. where is Oasis?!
    This pilot is better than most of the offerings on Amazon Prime!

  77. Absolutely want to see an entire season!!

  78. I think they should make the whole first season! This is only pilot I have watched and I want to know what happens!!

  79. Come on alreaddy i need my drugs…

  80. I do not understand why you would air a pilot and get all great reviews and then not make it. What else do you need? We want more!!!!!

  81. I really liked it and hope it continues.
    Lots of room for character development.
    I love Richard Madden!

  82. Great main actor, loved him as rob stark on GOT. I would love to see this as a full series!! Very interesting plot and dying to know whats happening on Oasis!

  83. Please please please give us Episode 2 & make it a full season. EP 1 was amazing

  84. I liked the pilot. I found the characters and story-line compelling. With some good writing, it could make a great series. I did think that the ending scene of the pilot jumped the story ahead too far. They could & should have spent more time setting the stage.

  85. yes!!!!!!! Why is this taking so long to get an answer? The story is compelling, acting was above par, and theres obviously plenty of interest. So, again yes!

  86. Please please put forth this series! I seriously need to see what happens.

  87. I am giving Oasis 4.5 out of 5 stars and I agree with all would believe it deserves to receive a full first season on Prime.

  88. Please make at least one full season of Oasis!
    Great to see good new SCI-FI!

  89. Why release just one episode without a plan for an entire season. Feels like a frustrating tease. Come on Amazon! You got us all hooked, now deliver the product. It’s going to be a great show!

  90. Not a feather in your cap at this point. What else? Get it on or I will turn you off.

  91. Amazon, If you know what you’re doing, you’ll greenlight Oasis I’ve already told all my friends about it! don’t tease me!

  92. Yes.

  93. I read the book & It was great. There is definitely enough for a few seasons! Please give it the green light!
    I give the first episode 4 stars!

  94. Give the green light on oasis almost a year now what’s up???????? Great start don’t do that again at least do one season before releasing quality 5 star plots…crap still waiting moving on to Netflix screw this crap…..

  95. Oasis pilot 10 out of 10

  96. keep coming back to see if there is a second episode. This is annoying.

  97. Just watched the pilot. I didn’t realize there was only one episode. I loved it! Please keep going.

  98. Great pilot!!! Can’t wait to see the entire first season. I sat down to binge watch and sadly realized there was only 1 episode to watch. Now that was a sad moment.

  99. Make the whole season please. You shouldn’t just leave us in the dark like this.

  100. Premiered in March, it is now November. Watched it due to very high ratings and very much enjoyed it. Super disappointed there are no more episodes as yet—Please pick up this show soon!!

  101. I could not move of the sofa I was glued to the screen even my dog sat beside me .This really has the makings of a good series ..but all i ask is no cliff hangers at the end of a season if its not going to get a season 2 please ..
    hoping for a full season

  102. It’s a winner

  103. Seriously Amazon, you are falling way behind Netflix at the moment. This is the kind of series that should be grabbed with both hands and thrown out there for the masses to devour – as devour they would! Read reviews much? The appetite is there, why would there even be a question of taking this forward? Absolutely bemused to watch something potentially so intriguing to then find out it hasn’t yet gone any further! If you aren’t prepared to listen to sense and what appears to be thousands of positive reviews for this, Prime is going to get swallowed up by Netflix world. Viewers will go to where creative and interesting entertainment is. You have been warned..

  104. Park Road West

  105. Absolutely, left me wanting more, I found it interesting & would like to see further episodes.

  106. What is wrong with Amazon’s series production. Are they allergic to sci-fi? Oasis has a great premise. Produce it. You need a new method to choose shows. You should be a massive threat to Netflix yet you let them run all over you in origin content. Come on guys you can do better. Produce oasis already

  107. Strange that there is no word on this, even after 8 months…

  108. Yep, please get on with it Amazon.

  109. What is taking so long to decide on this one? others like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were greenlit a long time ago which leads me to believe this one is dead. Well that and the pilot is no longer available… (Also that Hayley Joel Osmond said back in the spring that a decision either way would be made in July.) So I’m guessing Amazon made a poor decision to not go forward with this one.

  110. Amazon really needs to get their shit together when it comes to an original series. I understand, in theory, why Amazon has a pilot (testing) stage but there are flaws that go along with this process. The Oasis pilot was phenomenal in my opinion, there is so much potential. The story line, acting, cinematography, and even the score was brilliant! Amazon releases the pilot and then nothing, as if they said fuck you to the fans and went of the grid. Amazon really dropped the ball on this one.

  111. Totally agreed

  112. I really hope Oasis Season 1 is made. I’ve got to find out what’s going on! My entire family is already hooked and now there’s a chance it won’t be back? How can that be?

  113. What is taking so long on this one. I believe it’s gonna be an awesome show. Wish they would hurry.

  114. Waiting too much longer will cause the pilot to be forgotten….out of sight, out of mind. It doesnt even prompt on the Original Series menu anymore…at least not mine. This is a terrific concept that deserves a “sense of urgency” in moving forward. C’mon Amazon.

  115. Can we please get SOMETHING as to what is going on with this show? Was it too expensive to make? Just tell us yay or nay!

  116. Yes, please publish more episodes of Oasis! Compelling plot, engaging cinematics, lots of potential! I will watch it for sure!

  117. I would not be able to begin fathoming any reason why Amazon WOULDN’T create more episodes! This is one if the best beginning to a series ever. It captivated me from the start. I’m absolutely ecstatic! 😍

  118. i expect a ton of episodes . i could not get enough of it !!!!!

  119. Yes please please please make a full season. Loved the first episode!!!

  120. It isn’t looking good. It is no longer available on Amazon Prime. You can’t find it using normal search but if it was on your watchlist you can still see it but it refuses you access saying: This title is currently unavailable
    Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time.

  121. Please please continue this amazing show. The pilot was absolutely fantastic and this show has the potential to be the next GOT or BSG. This can elevate Amazon’s status as a true leader/contender in the world of developing original film and tv content. If you don’t follow through with this show… the world will be deprived of quite possibly one of the best, most original, and highly addicting new sci fi shows ever created. How on earth has this show not been picked up for a full season yet.

  122. Great lilot but mabye amazon havent money fot complete season…

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