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Amazon TV Shows – August 2018

Based on the release dates for past years. Here are our predictions for August 2018:

  • Comrade Detective, Season 2 – August 5
  • Lost in Oz, Season 2  – August 5
  • Tumble Leaf, Season 4 – August 16
  • Undercover, Season 2 – August 18
  • The Tick, Season 2 – August 26
  • Victoria, Season 2 – August 30


  1. I look forward to Oasis season 2; great show-looking forward to answers.

  2. I would like to see at least one season of the show. I thought the pilot was very good.

  3. Yo i watched the pilot episode thinking there was a whole season of this show. Unfortunately to my surprise there was just one episode leaving me completely hooked like crack, and desperately craving more. I would more than appreciate Amazon filming and whole season for my satisfaction!

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